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who caresHave you ever thought up a great niche only to find out that someone else was already doing it? Did you end up giving up on it?

I hate to break it to you but, maybe you ended up making a bad decision. This article covers why that is and why seeing someone else ranking for the keyword you want isn’t such a bad thing…

I remember sitting at home one day brainstorming ideas on what niches to go after. This was before I had any experience with marketing online. The problem was, every time that I thought of a niche that sounded pretty good, I would later find out that the niche had already been attempted.

I would think to myself, “darn, I can’t beat that guy so I guess I have to go back to the drawing board.” Has this happened to you before?

Sure, if the top ten spots in Google are all powerful sites, then you should stay away, but what if it’s only one or two powerful sites at the top spots? Well, it may not be bad to rank second, or third, or even further back. If the number one site is making $2000 per month, the second best business in that niche might be making $1300, and the 3rd best might be making $800. Would you really give up on those second and third spots just because you’re not hitting the $2k per month zone? I wouldn’t.

The truth is, if you can rank for a few sub-keywords, then you may even make more than the #1 spot.

I run into this scenario all the time. If someone who I feel I can’t beat is ranking #1 for a keyword that I like, I may go after the #2 spot and still make a ton of money with it. There are several reasons for this…

For one, many people don’t just buy from the first site that ranks at the top of Google. Maybe the top site ranks well, but they are not persuasive enough to make the sale. Or maybe, the visitor just wants a second opinion before making their purchase. Knowing this has allowed me to be more actionable on several niche projects that ended up being very successful.

Remember my Last Niche Site Update? At the time of writing it, I was not ranking #1 for my main keyword and yet I was able to still receive a very healthy profit. Even though an idea is “already taken”, I don’t mind joining in and taking a smaller piece of the pie. To top it off, the added income may give you extra capital which you can reinvest into the site and in the end you may end up taking over that #1 spot after all.

So now let me ask you…

Are you looking at a niche that is “already taken”? Will being 2nd or 3rd still be profitable? Are there any good sub-keywords that you can rank for?

Maybe it’s time you go for it.

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