Ranking #1 – Traffic & Earnings Report – NSC Update #3

rankingAtTheTopBefore I get into things, I just want to say that I am now the proud father of a beautiful baby boy, so thanks for the “congratulations” in advance :) Being home with my wife and son makes me so happy and it motivates me to work even harder. Hopefully, I can make the shift back to working full time from home sooner than expected.

To be honest I didn’t do a whole lot to the Niche Site Challenge site since the last update. Instead I’ve been focusing on building out my private blog network (PBN). My goal with this is to build a strong enough PBN to rank any low competition niche that I want, thus multiplying my income by several folds… 

*Note* If you haven’t read my previous update from 3 weeks ago, you can read it here.

2/14/2014 Ranking Report

Previous update: Ranked #3
New Update: Ranked #1

I’m now ranking #1 in Google for the main keyword that Tung and I are targeting!


Even after doing it a few dozen times, it’s still a pretty cool feeling to see your site ranking at the top spot in Google for your targeted term.


As we can see the site seems to have completely stabilized at the top spot of Google. Occasionally I do see the site bounce into the number 2 spot, but with a few more links I think my position will be solid. I’ll make sure that Tung will have to work extra hard to strip this spot away from me!


Some of the keywords that I’ve been tracking are continuing to climb the SERPs. Just because I’ve ranked #1 for best double stroller, it doesn’t mean that my site has reached it’s peak. As the site begins to rank higher for more and more terms, the traffic will continue to grow.

I’m making it a priority to start focusing on additional long tail keywords. This means that i’ll be pulling out Long Tail Pro again and doing some digging. Like with the main keyword, the goal will be to find keywords that have a decent search volume while remaining relatively low in competition. If I do this right, I could probably still double or even triple my traffic to the site.

2/14/2014 Analytics Report



Previous Update: 180 average visitors per day
New Update: 380 average visitors per day

The visits to the site per day have doubled in the past few weeks and I’m now getting upwards of 400 visitors per day.

Visit Duration:

Previous Update: 2:21
New Update: 2:27

Since the last update the average visit duration has gone up 6 seconds. Not staggering by any means, but it’s an improvement nonetheless.

Bounce Rate:

Previous Update: 51.07%
New Update: 47.65%

Bounce rate for the site has lowered 3.42%. My goal for lowering the bounce rate under 50% has been achieved.

January 2014 CTR Trends

Google Analytics

Amazon Orders

2276 Clicks / 5051 Visits   * 100 = 45.06% CTR

January 2014 Earnings Report

So far I have only spent about $300 building this site (not including costs to build my private blog network) and about 30 hours of work. In order to properly maintain the site and it’s rankings, I am looking at about 1-2 hours per month (less if I decide to outsource content creation)

From January 1 through January 19 the site made $64.82. I’m happy to say that the site has earned much more since then…

Moving Forward

With the site already ranking #1 for the main targeted keyword, the new goals moving forward will be to focus on keyword research and other long tail terms as well as building powerful links to the site. By doing this I believe I can drive much more traffic to the site and possibly double or even triple the monthly income that we are already seeing.

So that’s my update. If you haven’t yet done so, check out Tung’s latest update for the challenge here.

I look forward to hearing from you and also hearing about any projects that you might be working on as well. Leave a comment below. If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love seeing comments and responding to them :)

All the best,
Josh Escusa

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  1. Hey Josh, Congratulations on the new addition to the family!

    Well done on getting ranked #1. When do you think you’ll be adding the long tail keyword articles? What about linking to those articles?

    What do you recommend – linking to the secondary articles or just the main page?

    • Thanks. I’ll likely be adding articles in spaced intervals throughout the coming months. Most of the links should point to the main page, but I’ll also have a few point to some of the other pages that have great keywords that I want to rank.

  2. hi Josh

    Awesome results, and congrats!

    What other link building methods did you use besides your PBN, and could you reveal the cost of your network, and how many articles/link inclusions did you make to your stroller site?


    • Hey John, most all of the links came from either my PBN or some other vendors PBN. There were also a few web 2.0s that were built to the site. I won’t get into exact costs for my network here, but I will say that it’s not cheap. The real value of having a private blog network doesn’t come until later on when you can start using it to rank multiple sites.

  3. Congrats man! I know the feeling when reaching #1, nothing great that that. You can definitely get it to 1k in the next 6 months. Is all about testing! keep rocking!

    • Thanks Miki. I don’t expect it to come easily, but in time I do expect the site to grow.

  4. Awesome! Keep up the hard work, Josh!

    • Thanks Mae, I’ll definitely do my best!

  5. Nice work Josh – both on the addition to your family and on your public niche site as well. You’ve still got it man. Honestly, I don’t know how you stayed away from niche sites for so long. It’s so much fun and so addicting once you start to see success. Looking forward to hearing about more of your success and your strategies to reach it.

    • Of course I still have it! I never lost it, haha! It’s all just about taking action and learning along the way.

  6. Congrats Josh, looks like you’re onto another winner here :)

    I was wondering if you’re using EasyAzon and utilizing the localization functionality for your affiliate links?

    I’m in the middle of applying for the other Amazon associates programs and implementing this functionality. Being in Australia I know that we’re unable to have electronic goods (and other goods) shipped from Amazon.com.

    So I see this feature as a positive way to increase your revenue without any real extra work.

    • I bought an EasyAzon license in the past, but it hasn’t been working so I didn’t use it for the site. I’ll need to contact Chris Guthrie and get it running again.

  7. Congrats Josh on both your new baby and #1 spot :)

    I’m getting close to you in the SERP.

    • Thanks Tung. I’m sure i’ll see you right up there in the top of the SERPs soon. I’ll be ready for it!

  8. I shared but its not showing me your earnings?

    • I apologize for that. Honestly I’m not sure why it didn’t work for you. If you have any particular questions, feel free to send me a message on my contact form.

  9. Cool stuff Josh
    Hey was wondering what other stuff people have been buying on Amazon due to people shopping around from your site ?

    • I didn’t include screenshots this time because there were just too many orders. However, like in the last update, there were lots of stroller sales and many other sales of items related to the niche.

      There were also occasional random items that sold. For example, some guy bought a bunch of doorknobs and tools.

  10. Congrats Josh! For your baby! I am having a baby too in May, my third kid… Congrats on the site also…i just made a Niche site two weeks ago, and it is barely receiving traffic, almost none…i have 6 keyword pages, but only one keyword is actually starting to get searches… Is it normal, or I should be having all of them getting search traffic? How do you know if it was made o.k. Or if it is crap?

    • Wow, congrats on the third one on the way!

      When you say 6 keyword pages, i’m assuming that your trying to rank 6 pages individually. If you’re doing this, then you’ll really want to put a bit more emphasis on using a silo structure for your site. Otherwise you’ll end up spending quite a bit more on your backlinks. And yes, some pages may rank and some may not. This will all depend on how competitive you keywords are and how well you’re building you site and the links to your site.

      • Well they are related, and I got the most important keyword, and put it as a sticky on the front page. I even made a table following Spencers site of knives, and I am planning on writing more articles, each on a products related keyword, but I don´t know if it would be throwing my money, or if it is normal. How do you get your best keyword to rank? I mean You wanted to rank for bestdoublestrollers, just like Tung… so you wrote an article with the more important questions or concepts that people might read, 1000 to 1,200 words? But how can you know that It will actually rank? I did that, and mine is actually NOT ranking, and I think that the quality is great. Sorry, to bother you more, with this, but I have been following you guys, and Spencer, and Tung, and you all talk about Keyword Research, but no one talks about that First Keyword article…. how to write it to rank…for your specific keyword. Thanks, Josh!

        • I think you’re getting lost in the weeds. I wrote about on-page optimization here . Content doesn’t need to be written to a science, just follow the basics and have at it. A lot of people worry too much about LSI keywords and all that jazz, but if you’re new then just get your basics finished, keep it relevant, and then publish. If you have done good keyword research and the basic on page that I mentioned in that article is covered then you should be in the top 100 by the second month with only a few links (sometimes you’ll make it without any links at all). After adding stronger and more links, you should start pushing up in the ranks.

  11. Congratulations Josh for your boy first 😉
    You CTR is amazing and I’ll have to look at it for minutes to find out why. lol


    • Yea, i’m pretty happy that I was able to get it as high as it is. The only issue is that the conversion once they are on Amazon is a little lower than what I would hope. I need to work on my copywriting on the site.

  12. first of all congratulations for the new baby
    secend, congrats, for being in the first pos in google I really wish you the best luck.
    me too am working in a new nich project and my biggest problem is to rank my sites in google I know a lot of things about seo and link building links but the link that build are free links like 2.0 web/forum links/bookmarking/blog comment but I still in page 4 in google wat do u suggest for me because I don’t have money to outsource for link building.

    • Hey Jhone. If you are only looking for free methods then you might want to connect with other site/blog owners and get them to link to your site through guest posts. Essentially a blog network mimics guest posting at a rapid level. If you’re awesome at connecting with people then you may get this to work.

  13. Hi Josh, Congratulations for your baby. You are doing well to keep your bounce rate low 47.65% and high CTR. How many site you building for you PBN?

    • I dont know. I’ll build as many as I can. Tens…hundreds maybe :)

  14. Congratulations on the arrival of your son. I heard about your niche site challenge on Tung’s site and it’s great to read how you guys are getting on. I’ve just started building niche sites – not much luck with my first site but I think I’ve found a keyword for my next site. I’d love to hear your views if you have a minutes to visit my blog and comment.

    • Thanks Sharon, that’s great to hear you taking action. I’ll check your site out soon and leave you some input.

  15. Big-time congrats on becoming a father! That’s great to hear.

    You guys are exceeding expectations with your rankings and earnings. I can only hope to be moving up the Google ranks as fast and be earning as much as you guys very shortly.

    • Thanks MMD. I’ve enjoyed following the progress on your blog and I know your earnings will be rocketing up.

  16. Congrats Josh, just awesome work, one question though I see that you are using a PR network and your google analytics account, does this matter or would you advise using clicky or other tool to measure web stats, just wondering because I hear you could leave foot prints for google thanks for all your free info.

    • Being on analytics won’t increase Googles chances of outing someone. Despite what some people claim, it doesn’t work that way.

  17. Congrats on becoming a father! It can definitely help in the motivation department…although it doesn’t help in the sleep department.

    Awesome work on ranking the site…it is always fun to hit the #1 spot!

    • Haha, I agree with you on all counts there. I’ve been running on 3 hours of sleep on some nights. Just gotta do what I gotta do.

  18. great achivment how to increase your visitors in short time?

    • The visitors increased as my rank in the search engines improved.

  19. wow man you are a inspiration for me in affiliate marketing.

  20. Josh, congrats! on being a father. Father’s Day will take on new meaning for you.

    What do you do for your web 2.0’s? I use PBNs, but need to diversify a bit and like 2.0’s because we can control the link. Do you use a service?


    • Links from web 2.0s can be acquired through a service or by building them yourself. I don’t get a lot of links from them, just a few to help diversify anchor text. I have no expectation of gaining much link juice from web 2.0s.

  21. Hey Josh, Congratulations on the new addition to the family!

    Way to go..
    Keep it up

  22. multiplier = 20 for a profitable site?

    How do you figure that out? Normal circumstances?

    Very new to site flopping, hope you could answer that. Thanks


    • I came up with the multiplier from my previous successes in private site sales. If you have a site with some decent earnings, the Empire Flippers can help you sell a site for up to 20x monthly revenue. They take a small percentage off the top so I guess it’s more like 17x monthly revenue. You can also opt to sell on flippa and if you provide good documentation of earnings and you know how to write a good sales page, then you can get upwards of 25x. Note that 25x is an optimistic goal for flippa…You’ll typically see sites on flippa go for 10x-15x.

      • Very, very encouraging, Josh!

        Thanks for your reply.

  23. Hi Josh, sorry for using this method to bug you about
    a question, I searched online but couldn’t find the answer

    I am half way through my project and I am in the writing part
    when I find keywords in LTP, should I write a unique article
    per kw found or could I mix in keywords in my article,
    could this effect the positioning of my other keywords
    found in LTP?

    could you explain this a bit, thank you

    For instance If I am targeting “dog collars”

    My main articles with an SEO title of

    The Best Dog Collars in the market

    and now in the body I mention dog collars
    but in my Long Tail Pro I have found other
    related keywords like “blue dog collars” “red dog collars”
    can I mix them in this article or should I write a new article
    for each of these kw´s?

    I guess this is very confusing because I am now writing for

    • If you want to get into more advanced on page optimization you can use a silo structure for something like this. Basically in this scenario you could write a brief sentence or paragraph on the main page about blue dog collars and link to a much larger article about blue dog collars. Essentially your keywords need to go from high competition down to low competition as you move down the silo.

      Dog collars (home page) > Blue dog collars (1st tier) > Blue dog collars for puppies (2nd tier)

  24. Hi Josh,

    Best Double Stroller has 8,100 exact monthly searches then your site is up for 2 weeks already and earning $300 …

    1. I would like to know what is your basis for saying ” At this pace it is on a path to earn $600 for the month (i assumed end of February ) ” ? and what is your basis for saying it could earn $1,000 monthly?

    2. Do you think this site will have a vertical earning or horizontal earning, knowing its already at the peak of its search volume ?

    Vertical earning
    Feb = $600
    Mar = $800
    Apr = $1200

    Horizontal Earning
    Feb = $600
    Mar = $800
    Apr = $550

    3. Are you really planning just to sell this site based on its maximum earnings ? just how Tung sold his dumbbell site for $10,000? is that the end goal of this stroller site? or you want to keep it?

    • My basis is off of trends and previous experience. The site has not reached it’s peak in earnings. I’m targeting many long tail keywords and I have a long way to go before I reach top 3 in the serps for all of them. I’ll keep the site for a few months as the challenge with Tung continues.

      • Hi Josh,

        oh sorry what i mean the main keyword has reached its maximum ranking spot which is number 1, so we can expect 8,100 searches will land on your site for the main keyword which is best double stroller ..
        my question was intended for the maximum earning based on the main keyword (homepage) alone to get $600 or $1,000 monthly ..

        Josh, this might be embarrassing but i’m not a native English/USA man though i can write and speak, i hope you understand, may i know what it really meant when you say -> My basis is off of trends ?

        • Hi John,
          Even though the site is ranking #1 for the main keyword, that doesn’t mean it’s getting peak because there is still a long way to maximum the CTR and also encourage them to buy the product.

          For simple understanding (stats for example only):

          Now: 8,100 searches – 5,000 visitors land on Josh’swebsite, 250 click the purchase link, 20 place an order.
          In this case, the CTR is 5% for Josh’s website, 8% for the product itself.

          So in order to maximize the earnings, Josh would optimize the layouts of the website or write a more compelling article, etc to encourage more visitors to click the purchase link and place more orders. aka increase the 5% and 8% to a higher rate.

          I hope I understand correctly.

          • thanks for the reply Leo .. i really appreciate it ..

      • Hi Josh,

        May i know if your website and Tung’s websites are now 4 months old at the end of February? am i right you earned $300 and it seems Tung earned $14 … is this over-all earning from 4 months ? or just per month earning ? sorry to ask im a bit confused

        • As of the end of January, the site earned $350. Midway through February it earned another $295. The site is continuing to earn more since my traffic is still growing as I rank other keywords.

          • Hi Josh,
            Ahh thanks for clarifying me about the earnings ..so for now the earnings is jumping back an forth between $290+ and $350+ thats good, hope to see a more vertical climb earnings soon…

  25. Hello Josh
    Thanks for sharing your experience, I tracked your site:http://doublestrollersguide.com/ , this is awesome and I saw many .ca domain that linked to your site with high quality content.
    I have some question for you:
    1. Do you have your own private network ?
    2. If yes, please tell me the hosting provider that you are using
    3. And do you use C-Class IP for your own network ?
    Thanks !

  26. Good report, a true inspiration! Nice to see how well you rank. Hope you keep the 1#.


  27. Hi Josh,
    Just have a question.
    I was trying to buy a expired domain, It is high PA and high DA, but all the links are from Chinese site or Japanese site.
    Should i buy or not ?

    • Don’t buy it. Foreign language links are not a good sign.

      • thanks for suggestion.

  28. Hi Josh,

    Great to see you hit #1! I’ve been following your blog since your duel with Tung. Just had a quick question. I know you’ve mentioned you’ve tried links from Hayden and Source-Wave, so if you had to ballpark a figure, how many of those links would it have taken you to hit top 3 for your keyword?

    I’m in another niche for an eCommerce store, and I believe the keyword I’m targetting is easier. I’m using PBN services from, but I’m not sure how many links I should be acquiring before I rank towards the top.


    • How many links it takes will depend on how strong the links are. Links from RankHero and Source-Wave can definitely be powerful, but I believe there are also some duds in there as well, so giving an exact number wouldn’t really make much sense. If I knew that all the backlinks were PA/DA 40 with high trust and citation flow and they were had no redirects or spam, I would say 15-20 links.

      • Ah thanks for that. I’ve used a few links from RankHero as a test and have seen some results.

        How long does it usually take for you to see SERP movement? I was pretty confident that my test showed movement somewhere between 3-7 days, but that was just for one test. Would you say that’s roughly the same for you?

        I’ve also noticed that on page SEO seems to cause SERP movements much quicker, but that also might just be coincidence.

  29. Hi Josh,
    Congrats and trust you have a wonderful time with your new baby son.
    The content in your homepage is excellent and well researched.
    Did you outsource the content writing?
    If so, who did you engage and how much does it cost?

  30. Hiii , Josh

    This Post is beautiful nice good continuer .

  31. Congrats
    I have a question for you
    I see you are using Expired domain to build PBN
    Which hosting that you are using for all PBN ?



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