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rankingAtTheTopBefore I get into things, I just want to say that I am now the proud father of a beautiful baby boy, so thanks for the “congratulations” in advance ๐Ÿ™‚ Being home with my wife and son makes me so happy and it motivates me to work even harder. Hopefully, I can make the shift back to working full time from home sooner than expected.

To be honest I didn’t do a whole lot to the Niche Site Challengeย site since the last update. Instead I’ve been focusing on building out my private blog network (PBN). My goal with this is to build a strong enough PBN to rank any low competition niche that I want, thus multiplying my income by several folds…ย 

*Note* If you haven’t read my previous update from 3 weeks ago, you can read it here.

2/14/2014 Ranking Report

Previous update: Ranked #3
New Update: Ranked #1

I’m now ranking #1 in Google for the main keyword that Tung and I are targeting!


Even after doing it a few dozen times, it’s still aย pretty cool feeling to see your site ranking at the top spot in Google for your targeted term.


As we can see the site seems to have completely stabilized at the top spot of Google. Occasionally I do see the site bounce into the number 2 spot, but with a few more links I think my position will be solid. I’ll make sure that Tung will have to work extra hard to strip this spot away from me!


Some of the keywords that I’ve been tracking are continuing to climb the SERPs. Just because I’ve ranked #1 for best double stroller, it doesn’t mean that my site has reached it’s peak. As the site begins to rank higher for more and more terms, the traffic will continue to grow.

I’m making it a priority to start focusing on additional long tail keywords. This means that i’ll be pulling out Long Tail Pro again and doing some digging. Like with the main keyword, the goal will be to find keywords that have a decent search volume while remaining relatively low in competition.ย If I do this right, I could probably still double or even triple my traffic to the site.

2/14/2014 Analytics Report



Previous Update: 180 average visitors per day
New Update: 380 average visitors per day

The visits to the site per day have doubled in the past few weeks and I’m now getting upwards of 400 visitors per day.

Visit Duration:

Previous Update: 2:21
New Update: 2:27

Since the last update the average visit duration has gone up 6 seconds. Not staggering by any means, but it’s an improvement nonetheless.

Bounce Rate:

Previous Update: 51.07%
New Update: 47.65%

Bounce rate for the site has lowered 3.42%. My goal for lowering the bounce rate under 50% has been achieved.

January 2014 CTR Trends

Google Analytics

Amazon Orders

2276 Clicks / 5051 Visits ย  * 100 = 45.06% CTR

January 2014 Earnings Report

So far I have only spent about $300 building this site (not including costs to build my private blog network) and about 30 hours of work. In order to properly maintain the site and it’s rankings, I am looking at about 1-2 hours per month (less if I decide to outsource content creation)

From January 1 through January 19 the site made $64.82. I’m happy to say that the site has earned much more since then…

Moving Forward

With the site already ranking #1 for the main targeted keyword, the new goals moving forward will be to focus on keyword research and other long tail terms as well as building powerful links to the site. By doing this I believe I can drive much more traffic to the site and possibly double or even triple the monthly income that we are already seeing.

So that’s my update. If you haven’t yet done so, check out Tung’s latest update for the challenge here.

I look forward to hearing from you and also hearing about any projects that you might be working on as well. Leave a comment below. If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love seeing comments and responding to them ๐Ÿ™‚

All the best,
Josh Escusa

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