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left-job2On April 18, 2014, I left my job to work on my home business full time. For those of you who have followed me from the beginning, you know that it’s only been about 8 months since I relaunched my online biz. In that time, I have been able to build the business enough to feel comfortable in making it a full time effort. It wasn’t easy, but I feel confident and happy about my decision… 

How did I know it was the right time to leave my job?

For me it was all about waiting for the opportunity to scale. Even though my business was already making more than my full time job earlier this year, I wasn’t ready to leave it because I had plenty of time to do my business when I got home from work.  As long as I was able to complete everything I wanted to do in the time I had available, I would continue to work my full time job.

That all changed in the past month. In the past month, several opportunities arose and I was able to multiply the income that the business was bringing in. By leaving my job I believe can continue to multiply the income and quickly take this business to the next level.

What does this means for this site?

As you have seen, I haven’t exactly been consistent with Some weeks I would have a post and other weeks would get skipped. Previously I did not have much time to focus on this blog because first and foremost I had to focus on the parts of my business that actually make money. However, now that I have more than 2 hours per day to get business done, I plan on really pushing this blog out and bringing it to new heights. So expect to see some major improvements!

goalsSome new goals for the year

  1. Become the ultimate source for building niche sites. There are a lot of sources out there, but in my opinion, none of them quite cut it as far as helping a newbie out. I intend to change that.
  2. Get at least one post out per week. SEO and niche sites are an evolving market so posting more often will make sure that everyone can stay on top of things.
  3. Find and introduce new markets to my readers. The bulk of my online income is NOT coming from niche sites. Surprised to hear that? Stick around and i’ll start introducing you to some other spectacular income generating methods.
  4. Consistently make over $15k+ per month by early 2015. A big goal? Maybe not…BOOM!

Back to you…

So those are my new goals now that I’m free from working for the man. How close are you to leaving work behind? Is that even in the books for you? If not, what’s holding you back?

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