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pbnsnotdead2So it’s been about a couple of weeks since the whole PBN deindexing scare and I just wanted to provide a quick update as to how things are looking.

So far the niches that I mentioned in the previous post are still untouched. After going through a couple dozen or so other niches, it seems that PBNs are still working for those site owners as well…

I have also spoken with many other SEOs who own their own PBNs. Many have taken zero damage and some have taken minimal damage. In all cases where PBNs have taken damage, it was clear that the expired domains were not built to look very natural.

Here are some characteristics of expired domains that got hit:

  • Linking to spammy sites
  • Unrelated/unreasonable links to money sites
  • Too many links to money sites
  • Not linking to authority sites
  • No internal links
  • Using SEO hosting / Overusing Hosts
  • Interlinking PBN or Money Sites

Here are a few Bloggers that also agree that “PBNs Are Not Dead”:

In the post from ViperChill, Spencer Haws left a comment that I 100% agree with:


For me SEO is too lucrative for me to give up. Public Blog Networks may be more at risk, but like I said in my last post, the properly implemented Private Blog Networks have been virtually untouched. So as Spencer put it, how will you adapt to the changing Google and SEO landscape?

PBNs are alive and well. However, if you are still thinking about starting a PBN, don’t shortcut it. Take the time to do it right, or don’t risk doing it at all.

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