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Ranking In The Top 3In my last update, my site had yet to see any significant ranking and Tung Tran from was kicking the snot out of me in our friendly challenge. I’m happy to say that my site is starting to pick up and I’ve been able to judo chop my way to the top.

My site is now ranked in the top 3 of Google for the main keyword term that we were going for. As a result, I’ve seen quite a bit of traffic. The best part about this is that the site is finally starting to earn money. We’ll get into that later. First lets talk about what’s I have done to the site so far.

Since December, I’ve added a couple of articles and I began to build backlinks to the site. I focused on getting links that had high PR, high PA, and high DA. Initially I tried out links from Hayden Miyamoto’s service (RankHero). Although the links he sells are decently powerful, the price is a bit on the high side. Furthermore, some links that I built using his service only lasted on the homepage for a little over a week. This makes me question the power of the link juice that was passed to my site.

I also tried out high PR links from an SEO that I met on the These links were also on the expensive side and although I received a boost from them, it was hard to tell if it was worth it.

I’ve now started to build links from my own private blog network (PBN). Yep, that’s right, I’m now working with a PBN of my own. Having my own network allows me to take full control of my links. In the long run this is also much cheaper!

So enough of that, here’s a current look at the site statistics:

1/20/2014 Ranking Report


The main keyword has steadily moved to the top of the rankings. This steady growth is ideal for a site that aims to hold long term rankings. The site has even bounced to the #1 ranking for a short period. With a little more work I should be able to push this site permanently to this #1 position.


As you can see, the site is beginning to rank for several other great keywords. Many of these keywords also have substantial search volume which can end up driving tremendous amounts of traffic. One keyword of particular mention has a Monthly Search Volume (MS) of 33100. If I am able to push this keyword to the top 3, this site will likely get an additional 10k visitors per month which will have the potential to propel earnings to well over $1k per month.

Each of these rankings have been achieved through a progressive and steady manner which is ideal for a site that is intended to build rank and hold it. It is unlikely for this site to witness a sudden drop in rankings.

1/20/2014 Analytics Report



The site has a progressive growth in traffic that directly correlates with the natural rankings that are being achieved. As the site began hitting first page rankings for multiple keywords, the traffic began to explode. With a few more tweaks to on and off-page SEO, as well as the addition of more content, I’ll be able to push this site even higher up in the rankings and I should see even higher traffic numbers.

Visit Duration:

The average duration of each visit is 2:21 which is a pretty decent amount of time per visitor. This tells me that my site is interesting enough for people to actually read and navigate around the site before leaving. The higher this number is, the better it will be for the sites rankings in Google. Sites that have visit durations of only a few seconds typically mean that your site stinks and people don’t want to read it.

Bounce Rate:

The bounce is currently at 51%. This means that there are still a significant amount of people that are leaving after viewing only a single page on my site. While this could mean that people are clicking directly on my affiliate links, I still would like the percentage of people who bounce off to be below 50%. This will help ensure that Google sees my site as a good resource for the terms people are searching.

In order to lower this number I will have to make my landing pages more interesting in a way that entices people to click deeper into the site. At the same time, I still want people to eventually click on my affiliate links.

1-20-2014 Traffic Flow


The traffic from the site mainly comes from people who enter from the home page. This is no surprise since it is the page that I have been concentrating my SEO on up until now. From there, most people that stay on the site travel over to the “comparison chart”. The next popular page after that is the “top rated strollers” page.

Up until 1/16/2014, I only placed amazon affiliate links on the comparison chart page. This was done in an attempt to have no affiliate links on the home page. After a little trial and error, I have determined that this was a mistake (more on this in the Earnings Report below). I have now inserted 2 affiliate links on the home page, one at the top and one at the bottom of the page. Since I’m only using 2 affiliate links, I feel that I will be able to maintain strong rankings and not look like a spammy affiliate site to Google.


I have also included additional links to the comparison chart page as well as the top rated strollers page. By making these simple changes, I have significantly improved the click-though rate over to my amazon affiliate links.

1/11 – 1/20 Daily CTR Trends:


The above image shows clicks on my amazon affiliate link from my stroller site.

January 1 through 13 – With about 60-70 visitors per day to my double strollers site site, I was getting about 10 amazon clicks
January 14 through 15 – Saw a significant boost in rankings and traffic to the site and amazon clicks doubled.
January 16 through 19 – I realized that I was only getting a lousy 15% CTR to amazon so I decided to add a couple of amazon links to the first page as well as some of the inner pages. This immediately tripled my traffic to amazon and I am now enjoying a CTR of over 45%.

Although I’m bringing in some good traffic over to amazon, I’m a little concerned about my conversion ratio from traffic to sales. I may be able to improve the conversion by working on getting better copy-writing for the site. This will involve me doing better research and ensuring that I get the best products in front of my visitors.

1/20/2014 Orders Report:


From my orders report we can see that 4 items that were ordered have been double strollers. The other 5 items have been stroller accessories or miscellaneous items (all of them still related to the baby niche).

1/20/2014 Week Earnings Report


My earnings to date for this site is $64.82. There is also another pending sale of a $455 stroller which should net me an additional $27.30, thus pushing my earnings to date up to $92.12. Furthermore, it’s important to note that pretty much all of these earnings happened in the past 7 days.


I’ll be continuing to make tweaks here and there to the content in order to improve ranking and conversions. I’ll also be looking to build up my private blog network so that I can get more strong links over to my site. For now I believe that I have taken the lead in this Challenge and I am fairly pleased with the results…

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