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nsc updateBeen keeping up with my niche site updates? Well here’s the latest scoop. I have done nothing with the site since the last update. I haven’t added any post, any edits, any backlinks…absolutely nothing.

So what does spending 0 minutes of work mean for the site?

5/3/2014 Ranking Report


The site has seen a notable shake in the search engines. It’s now bouncing around spots 2-5 for the main keyword, “best double stroller”. Some days it will stick at number 2, and other days it will briefly touch that 5th position in Google.

Some of the other keywords have moved around a little and but overall the general rankings have remained very similar to how they were a couple of months ago.


Ok, so you may be asking why did I stop working on the site. There’s been a couple reasons, time being one of them, and the other being that I was curious to see how it would hold up if I didn’t touch it for a while.

As you can see, not touching it has led to the slight drop.

Analytics Report



Previous Update: 430 average visitors per day
New Update: 440 average visitors per day

Even though average visits are up, you can see that the traffic is starting to decline towards the end due to the lack of attention I’ve given  it in the past couple of months.

Visit Duration:

Previous Update: 2:31
New Update: 2:06

One thought for this drop in engagement is that I need to update the site so that the dates on it reflect 2014 instead of 2013. As the year is progressing people are starting to wanting the “best of 2014”

Bounce Rate:

Previous Update: 47.44%
New Update: 52.67%

Bounce rate has risen to over 50% 🙁 Again this may be due to the site needing an update to reflect the 2014 year.

April 2014 CTR Trends

Google Analytics


Amazon Orders



Previous Update: 5985 Clicks / 10474 Visits * 100 = 57.14% CTR

New Update: 5448 Clicks / 11690 Visits * 100 = 46.6% CTR

April 2014 Earnings Report

In my last update, the site made $1017.87. This was an awesome site to see and I was very happy with the result.

How much has the site earned in April given that I have spent 0 minutes working on it for the last 2 months?

Moving Forward

Since the site has started to show a few signs of decreasing rank, it will need immediate maintenance. I will either need to make time to build some links myself, or I can go through a vendor who will automatically build the links for me.

I have also tried in the past to outsource linkbuilding to my virtual assistant (VA), but it didn’t end up running very smoothly. Finding a VA who can build a quality link is a tougher matter than I thought and I may have to raise the rate i’m willing to pay if I want to find someone competent enough to handle the task.

Overall I see great things in store for this site. It still has massive untapped potential…I just need to squeeze in the time to get it done while still completing all my other goals.

All the best,

Josh Escusa

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