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NichSiteUpdates1I’ve been taking time to get a little more organized with my business and now I’m finally starting to pick things up. Currently I have 4 sites that are all part of my niche site case studies and more will be coming soon. By having more sites in the loop, I feel that it will allow us all to have more ideas to test and more ways to learn.

Niche #1: Niche Site Challenge with Tung

This site is already live but it is still in it’s infancy. I added the main article to the first page and I have added one other article to it as well. I also completed a comparison chart that compares a few different amazon products relating to this keyword…

I currently have about 10 articles that are ready for this site and I plan to schedule these articles to post one article every 5 days. The site is indexed in Google, but at the moment it is not ranked within the top 100.

Although Tung and I will eventually be revealing our sites and our processes for this project, we have decided to keep you all waiting just a little bit longer. We both would like the sites to grow naturally first before loads of people from our blogs start influencing our analytics.

Niche #2: Adjustable Dumbbells Site

In my last post I mentioned that I would be going after Tung’s “best adjustable dumbbells” keyword that he was able to rank for earlier this year. Tung mentioned that when he went for this keyword, he was able to rank #3 for this keyword within two weeks without building any backlinks.

Site Launched Oct 27, 2013: It’s been about 2 weeks since I launched my version of the site and as I suspected, I’m not ranking in the first page. Actually I’m not even ranking within the top 100 spots. I have a few ideas on what might have happened here.

Basically my case study for this site is actually quite flawed. When Tung launched his adjustable dumbbells site earlier this year he launched with 10 articles right from the start. Had, I realized this from the beginning, I would have set my experiment to follow the same path. Instead I let my content drip in for the past 2 weeks.

While this difference exists, it still should not have affected me enough to keep me from breaking through the top 100 within the first 2 weeks. Here are some other factors that could be at play here.

Competition: The case study that Tung did has become quite popular and many people have already attempted to recreate his success. This has drastically increased the competition on the first few pages. That being said, this still does not explain why I haven’t punched through the top 100. Plenty of weak and irrelevant sites are still ranking way above me.

On Page SEO differences: Even though I used different and unique content for my site, this is highly unlikely to be the cause for my slower rankings. There isn’t anything really difficult about on page SEO. As long as the site is relevant and not over optimized it should be fine. I covered on page SEO in more detail here.

Random Fluke: Google’s search engine is weird. That’s a fact. No matter what you do, if you build two sites, you’ll get two different results. I’m not saying that one will rank high and one won’t. Both sites can make it to the top, but they will behave differently on their path to get there.

SERP Changes (Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird): I have reason to believe that Google is starting to really factor site age into the picture. Brand new sites are taking longer to climb in rankings. Just a few months ago you could slam a brand new site on the first page within a week. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. It looks like slow and steady is becoming the new norm.

I’m confident that my dumbbell site will break through to the top pages in Google. It will just take a little more time.

Niche site #3 and Niche site #4: Home and Kitchen Niche

As stated earlier in this post, I decided to add a few more sites to further our studies. So far I’ve bought both of the domains relating to these two niches and I’ve already got Niche site #3 set up with the main post on the homepage. Niche site #4 should be up and ready to go with its first post either today or tomorrow.

Automating the work of building sites

I’m at a point now where I can basically choose the keywords I want, perform the initial set ups and then have my virtual assistant and article writers handle the rest. That being said, I’ll likely be adding even more sites to this list so that we can learn as much as possible in a shorter amount of time.

This automation is coming at a perfect time because my baby is coming soon and I could really use the extra time to spend with my family.

If anyone needs help getting started and setting up, shoot me an email via my contact form and I’ll be happy to lend a hand.

As always, I love comments, so leave one below. Let me know what you think about my progress or simply tell me about how your online journey is going.

Best Regards,

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