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I know some of you have been waiting to see the Authority Site Project I mentioned a few weeks ago. Well now there is a little twist to it.

Niche Site Challenge

Earlier last week I initiated a challenge to Tung Tran from…

“… I have a suggestion for a project. It’s a friendly niche site challenge. Yes, we are both aware of the NSD 2.0 that Pat Flynn is running; but everyone is targeting random keywords.

How about we target the same keyword and have a friendly “battle”.

We could claim the top spots on the search engines and examine niche site building from different perspectives.”

After a little back and forth discussion, Tung responded…

tung accepts challenge
Things are about to get exciting!

Niche Site Challenge: Rules of Engagement

Here are the rules of this battle for ultimate glory and bragging rights.

First of all, Tung and I will be putting our minds together and deciding on a keyword to target. This keyword must meet the criteria for a winning keyword.

We must then document all aspects of the process, including, but not limited to:
– Sub keyword research
– Site structure
– Backlinking
– Time spent on project
– Areas that are being outsourced
– What keywords traffic is coming from
– Conversion rates / Income
– Cost of creation

Our ultimate agenda is to do what it takes to create a more profitable niche site, given the exact same keyword.

Notice that I said “more profitable”, not higher ranking. Conquering the top spots in Google for the main keyword might be an important factor of winning this battle, but it doesn’t guarantee victory.

We will have to push ourselves to our wits end and target the best subkeywords while building the highest conversion rates.

How this Niche Site Challenge can help you?

This will help you because we will attempt to answer questions like:
– Does the site with the best content, really win?
– How important are subkeywords?
– What factors keep visitors on the site longer?
– How do you create killer conversions on niche sites?
– What are the best ways to outsource niche site building?
– Between Tung and Josh, whose niche site kung fu will be victorious?

You can expect to see updates from us at a rate of about 1 – 2 posts per month.

Now that all the technical stuff is covered, before I end this post lets size up my opponent.

Tung Tran @

Tung Tran

Unlike many people his age, Tung decided to drop out of college and pursue a career as an independent entrepreneur. At the age of 19 he runs an online blog called

This blog along with his other online ventures allow him to work full time from the comfort of his own home.

In a short amount of time Tung’s accomplishments have already exceeded 95% of online marketers.

He has been building niche sites for over 3 years. On one of his projects he talks about how he spent $700 and around 20 hours of work to build a website that was  earning over $500 per month.

What’s more impressive about this is that Tung was able to sell that 6 month old niche site for over $10,000 (Talk about a great success)!

Tung continues to be an Authority in the niche building community and I am confident that he will keep growing and expanding his reach.

Overall, I feel that Tung’s accomplishments are very impressive and with the skills that he’ll be bringing to the table, I’ll definitely have to bring my ‘A’ game!

So let the epic battle begin.

Tung I know you’re reading this… Your kung fu is strong, but my kung fu is stronger than yours!

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