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income report-smallEach month I’ll be posting a report on the amount of income I have earned from my online business. This will allow me to track the progress that I am making and it will help me to set healthy goals for the business…

It will also allow you to see what’s working and not working and hopefully it will inspire you to take action and build your online business as well.

May 2014 Income Report – At a Glance

Gross Total for May: $4685.30
Expenses for May: $1590.04
Net Total for May: $3095.26

Happenings In May

It’s been over a month since I quit my job and I couldn’t be happier about the decision. My business is seeing some huge leaps in productivity. Even though my income has taken a drop (more on why that is later), I can see that things are really moving in a positive direction now that I have more time on my hands.

Over 300 Downloads of My New Ebook

ebookCover3thinMy ebook has been out for a little over a month and it has now been downloaded over 300 times. A great success so far if you ask me! It basically covers some of the strategies that I use in order to build a profitable Amazon Affiliate website, with only my laptop and a cup of coffee in hand. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you can download the ebook by clicking here

Business Reading in May

emyth-revisitedAfter reading an Audiobook recommendation from Jon Haver for EMyth Revisited, I decided to pick it up and listen to it myself. It is by far one of the best audiobooks I’ve listened to in quite some time. In general, it’s about why most businesses fail and how you can resolve it by creating systems that work. If you’ve got some extra time, or if you’re planning a road trip, or if you have a long drive to work, this is a great book to productively fill your time.

Why The Drop In Income?

In mid-May I decided to take my focus off of Paid Ads, even though up to this point it has been the main source of income for me ($8587.56 in gross income last month). I believe that my time is actually better spent focusing on my SEO and niche sites. That’s right… that’s how strong I feel the SEO business is. Even with all the Penguin and Panda scares, SEO is here to stay and the ones that say otherwise have no idea what they are talking about! This year, I plan to put several strategies to the test, and debunk the “SEO is dead” nonsense.

Detailed Income Report

Aweber: $11.70

Bluehost: $0.00

Long Tail Pro/Platinum: $22.40

Adsense: $163.22

Amazon: $1244.12

Ad Network/Paid Ads: $3243.86

Gross Total for April: $4685.30 (-$5749.67 from last month)


Aweber: $29.00

Majestic SEO: $9.00 $2.00

Lead Pages: $37.00

Register Compass: $9.00

Long Tail Platinum: $17.00

Lightning Rank: $299.00

Ad Spend: $1171.04

Expenses for April: $1590.04


Net Total for April: $3095.26 (-$4373.51 from last month)

Goals For June

  • Continue to build up on my niche sites.
  • Automate much of the bulk work for creating sites to my virtual assistant.
  • Start work on the tutorials page for this blog.

I Wish You All The Best,
Josh Escusa

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