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income reportEach month I’ll be posting a report on the amount of income I have earned from my online business. This will allow me to track the progress that I am making and it will help me to set healthy goals for the business…

It will also allow you to see what’s working and not working and hopefully it will inspire you to take action and build your online business as well.

June 2014 Income Report – At a Glance

Gross Total for June: $22,833.37
Expenses for June: $4061.13
Net Total for June: $18,772.24

Happenings In June

June was another busy month on a personal level as well as on a business level. Some of the most notable things that happened in my business include selling one of my sites,  organizing a system so that I can quickly build sites in any niche that I want, and taking on a few SEO clients.

Selling The Site From My Niche Site Challenge

After a good run and over $5,000 in earned revenues from the past 5 months, I sold the site from my niche site challenge for $19,980.40. Even though the site was ranking for over 400 keywords and making good residual income, I felt it was time to let it go and work on my other projects. The sale was handled by the guys over at If you’re looking to sell one of your sites, I highly recommend them.

Organizing A System For My Niche Site Creation Business

I have been building several niche sites over the past few months, and perfecting each aspect. However, this month I spent some time organizing a system that will allow me maximize my time and efforts. With this new system, I should have no problem creating and testing several sites in various niches each and every month.

Taking On SEO Clients

I receive many emails each week from people asking me to do SEO work for them. Initially, I had been turning them away, but now that I have a little extra time to spare, I decided to take on a few clients and help them move their sites up in the rankings. The results have already been very positive and I’ve already managed to put several pages on page one of Google. As of right now, I am still only offering services privately to those that email me via my contact form.

Detailed Income Report

Aweber: $12.00

Bluehost: $195.00

Long Tail Pro/Platinum: $30.39

Adsense: $447.22

Amazon: $1,099.61

Ad Network/Paid Ads: $618.75

SEO Services – $450.00

Site Sale – $19,980.40

Gross Total for June: $22,833.37 (+18,148.07 from last month)


Aweber: $29.00

Majestic SEO: $9.00 $2.00

Lead Pages: $37.00

Register Compass: $9.00

Long Tail Platinum: $17.00

Ad Spend: $262.15

Odesk: $247.39

Site Listing w/Empire Flippers: $3,294.06

Other: 154.53

Expenses for June: $4061.13


Net Total for June: $18,772.24 (+15,676.98 from last month)

June was a great month and I’m very happy with the results that were achieved. So how did you’re month go? I’d like to hear about it below!

Best Wishes,

Josh Escusa

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