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income report-smallWelcome to my first monthly income report…

Each month I’ll be posting a report on the amount of income I have earned from my online business. This will allow me to track the progress that I am making and it will help me to set healthy goals for the business.

It will also allow you to see what’s working and not working and hopefully it will inspire you to take action and build your online business as well.

Leaving My Job

First of all, on April 18, 2014, I left my job. I had been working for the company for almost a year and a half and I felt that it was finally time to start living life and doing what I want to do. I am now back to working full time on my online business.

I’m very happy about the decision because it allows me to live and work from anywhere while doing something that I enjoy. Not everyone gets to have the joy of saying that 🙂

Finishing My EbookebookCover3thin

I started working on the ebook (Making Money With Amazon Sites) 2 months ago, but because I was always so busy, I never completed it. Now that I have more time I was able to spend a day and crunch it out. The ebook is 35 pages long and it documents a method on how to build Amazon niche sites. It’s a method that is currently working today so if you’re interested you can download the ebook for free by Clicking Here

Cleaning Up My Blog

So my blog had a few “uglies” that really needed to be touched up. I finally got around to prettying it up a little. I should have taken a before and after pic, but I forgot, haha. Anyway, it looks better, so just take my word for it.

Doing A Little Business Reading

launchI’ve started re-reading a book called Launch. It’s about how to propel your business beyond the competition. It’s one of the better books that goes into detail about how to build your business by focusing on helping others.  Most people think of the peers that are in their niche as competition. The book discusses why this is a horrible way of thinking and how helping others, even those that you might normally consider as your competitors, is the new way to run online business.  Re-reading this book helped me to get my gears set up correctly as I began working on the new format for the Form Your Future Blog.

Making Money With Niche Sites

I am starting to build out my plan to move my niche site building to the next level. My goal is to turn my niche site business into a 5 figure per month business within the next year. I’ve got the knowledge and the tools to make it happen, and now that I’ve got the time, I can turn this goal into a reality.  Niche sites are a super powerful way to make money online, and I plan on taking advantage of that to the fullest.

Making Money With Ad Networks

ad networksIn the earlier post where I talked about quitting my job, I mentioned another online source of income. That other source of income is through Ad Networks.  I’m finding products to promote and then building and optimizing ads to get targeted leads to the affiliate products.  When buying ad space, I typically will be paying per click or per impression.   It’s all about split testing and monitoring my return on investment. If I can spend $5 to make $15 then I would scale my investments. I’ll start talking a bit more about how ad networks work in future posts.

Income Report

Aweber: $11.70

Bluehost: $65.00

Long Tail Pro: $7.63

Adsense: $140.39

Amazon: $1622.69

Ad Networks: $8587.56

Gross Total for April: $10434.97 


Aweber: $29.00

Majestic SEO: $9.00

Outsourcing: $45.27

Ad Spend: $2882.93

Expenses for April: $2966.20


Net Total for April: $7468.77

Had a decent month last month. If you’ve kept up with my posts you can tell that the majority of my Amazon income is coming from the Niche Site Challenge

The other big earner this month was money made from Ad Networks which amounted to about $8600 but roughly $2900 was ad spend.  

Goals for May

For this month i’m making it a priority to get my niche sites in full motion. Last month I fell a little behind on the 3 niche sites that I mentioned in this post and I intend to fully catch up. Expect a report on it soon.

I will be revamping my facebook fanpage and twitter platform. I’m going to start being a lot more active on these platforms and I’ll be posting some awesome content and some of my daily business activities to help followers learn and grow alongside me:

Would love to see you there!

All the best,

Josh Escusa

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