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ibuyDo you have a site that’s you’re looking to offload? Are you having trouble making money with it or maybe you are just plain tired of working on it? Let me buy it from you so it’s not a complete loss.

I’m working on building a diverse website portfolio.

I’m looking for sites that:

  • Are 4 or more months old
  • Have unique content built on them
  • Have little or no backlinks built to it
  • Have a brandable domain name
  • Are built on wordpress

If you have a site that meets these requirements and you’re looking to get rid of them, then visit my Contact Page Here and send me your URL. Include the following subject headline: “Selling My Site”

Once I receive the email with your URL, i’ll do an analysis of the site and make you an offer. Don’t expect a crazy offer especially if your site makes no income. If the site isn’t making anything then I’m basically paying for content and the domain. If you accept, I can make payment withing 24-48 hours and we can complete the transaction.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to transfer a site? I can handle that part of it for you.

Again, if you are interested visit my Contact Page Here and send me your URL. Include the following subject headline: “Selling My Site”

Kindest Regards,

Josh Escusa

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