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handshakeIt’s amazing what a few good links can do for a site. This is how 3 backlinks led to an $800/mo return.

My partner and I were able to obtain a dental lead in California. However, just because you get a lead doesn’t mean that the client is going to stick around.

So how did we seal the deal?

The 3 Backlinks

All it took was 3 backlinks to prove that we could rank a site at the top of Google. The 3 links consisted of a PA 35, PA 42, and PA 37.

For those of you that don’t know what PA is. PA refers to “Page Authority”, a measuring standard created by the people at to help understand what websites Google favors in the search engines. Basically, the higher the Page Authority, the more likely a site would be to rank well in Google.

Here’s how the metric for PA correlates with the link-juice it provides:

Link Juice Ratings:

  • PA < 20 = Weak Backlink
  • PA 21-30 = Medium Strength Backlink
  • PA 31-45 = Strong Backlink
  • PA 46+ = Very Strong Backlink

Increasing Rankings of The Client

By adding just those three links, the Dental website was able to move from Position 12 to Position 3 in Google for one of it’s main keywords. This equated to a huge increase in online presence.

After ranking in Position 3, the traffic to the site saw a notable increase in traffic – about 4 to 8 more new visitors per day. This meant roughly 180 more site visitors per month.

The $800/mo Local Contract

dentalNow 180 site visitors per month might not seem like a lot, but given the fact that each dental patient could bring in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in new business, it made for an easy deal with the dentist.

After speaking with the dentist, he verified that the he was now getting several more patients each month.

The end result, was a happy dentist, happy patients, and another $800/mo check.

Things To Note About Local SEO

Offline Clients Are Easy to Rank – Offline clients typically have aged sites. This means they can bypass the penalty that Google puts on new sites. Once you start putting links on their site, the site will typically show a result within the first couple of weeks. On top of that, offline clients aren’t competing with a ton of other people. Your competition is other local businesses – which in general are easy to beat.

It’s important to Track – Tracking traffic and call analtyics can be vital to sealing the deal. If you’re not tracking, what proof do you have to show your client the results your getting for them. Many times, showing a simple rank increase is not enough to get a client to see the value of your service. They need to know what exactly they’re getting from it. Specifically they want to know how many new clients is your service bringing in for them. If you can show this, then you can easily seal the deal.

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