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Free Site Set Up – WordPress Installation and Free Theme

Setting up a new site is a pain, especially if you’ve never done it before.

I still remember how I felt setting up my first blog:

  • I was confused about nameservers.
  • I struggled with configurations, and databases.
  • I had no idea which plugins to install.
  • I didn’t know if what I was doing was hurting my site.
  • And the free theme I used was butt ugly.

Well, 4 years have passed, and since then I have learned how to perfectly optimize all my sites for top performance and rankings. Check out some of my latest sites:

form your futureGo Long Tail

Now that I have become a pro at setting up sites…

I can offer to help you for FREE.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • WordPress Installation – WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging software. We’ll install the latest version of WordPress on your site and configure it for optimal performance.
  • The Best Plugins – Your site be equipped with the best plugins to maximize its speed and performance.
  • SEO – Your site will be set up for SEO success with the cutting edge in on page optimization.
  • Contact Form Setup – You’ll get a professional contact form so that people can contact you at the email of your choosing.
  • Privacy Policy Setup – Well create a privacy policy that is set up correctly so your site won’t get into any trouble from Google or any other Affiliates you are working with.


  • Free Professional Theme – Normally you’d have to pay for this bad boy, but I’ll let you choose any one of 87 Premium themes from and I’ll install it for you for free! Check out a few samples below:

elegant themes

Check Out The Full Selection Here

  • Free Resources For Successful Blogging – Want more help on getting started? No worries. I’ll send you the greatest resources for getting started with your site.

How To Claim Your Free Site Setup

All you have to do is clear your browser cookies and cache and sign up for Bluehost Hosting using my affiliate link.

Hosting is required for any site you set up and buying through my link will not cost you a penny more than if you were to go directly to their site.

So here’s the step by step:

  1. Enter your email below.
  2. Go to your email and Click on the verification link.
  3. Wait for me to send you my BlueHost Affiliate link.
  4. Make sure to clear your cookies and cache, then sign up for Bluehost Hosting using my link.
  5. You’ll receive a short form to fill out so we can start working on your site.
  6. Relax as we get your site set up within 2 business days.

Click Below to Order. (Only 2 Spots Left)

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