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Get 10 Expired Domains for only $65!

(Only while supplies last...)

Here's a quick gem for those on my list who are quick enough to take advantage of it.

  • Single Expired Domains like this have sold for $40+.
  • You've seen me sell out these domains for $20 each.
  • Now for a limited time during this Holiday Sale you can get 10 of them for $65. 

These are high metric domains that have been checked for spam. I've been heavily using expired domains to rank my sites and my clients sites.

Each package listed below is for a list of OPEN to REGISTER domains. You will still have to purchase the domains at a Registrar of your choice.

I recommend registering the domains through Godaddy or Namecheap and using coupon codes. You can easily find coupon codes by searching for them on Google or

Domain Package 1 ($65)

Domain Package 2 ($65)

Domain Package 3 ($65)

Domain Package 4 ($65)

Domain Package 5 ($65)

For any questions, please send them to