Earning More Money Than Expected – NSC Update #4

EarningMoreThis is the latest update in my friendly challenge with Tung Tran from CloudLiving.com.

Let’s just cut to the chase. I’ve added a couple of articles, the site is continuing to rank for more keywords, and it earned more than I anticipated for the month of February.

Overall this site has been a great success, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping…

3/10/2014 Ranking Report


The site continues to do well as far as rankings go. It’s been bouncing around the #1 and #2 spot for the main keyword, “best double stroller” since January 19, 2014.

Many other keywords have found their spots in the top 10 of Google and because of this, my traffic is continuing to grow. I’m still working on ranking some of the big keywords that have the potential to propel my traffic and earnings through the roof.


I’m expecting to be able to break into the top ten for the high search volume keywords by the end of this month.

 3/10/2014 Analytics Report



Previous Update: 380 average visitors per day
New Update: 430 average visitors per day

The visits to the site per day have continued to increase. I may be pushing 500 visitors per day by the end of March.

Visit Duration:

Previous Update: 2:27
New Update: 2:31

Since the last update the average visit duration has gone up another 4 seconds.

Bounce Rate:

Previous Update: 47.65%
New Update: 47.44%

Bounce rate continues to lower slightly.

February 2014 CTR Trends

Google Analytics

Amazon Orders

Previous Update: 2276 Clicks / 5051 Visits * 100 = 45.06% CTR

New Update: 5985 Clicks / 10474 Visits * 100 = 57.14% CTR

February 2014 Earnings Report

In January, my double strollers site earned $349.46 (that’s enough to cover a few of my bills… or… with the new $5 for 2 deal at McDonalds, I could get 139 Big Macs!).

In the month of February, it did a LOT better… and now I can buy way more Big Macs then I could handle.

Check it out below…

New Goals

I’m already working on new goals and new projects for 2014. I know that we’re rapidly approaching the end of the first quarter, so it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. I’ll reveal more of this in my next post, but I can tell you that 2014 is going to be an exciting year for FormYourFuture.com and it’s subscribers.

If you’re on my list, you can expect some really cool materials to arrive in your inbox soon. If you’re not on the list, then get on it so you don’t miss out :)

Anyway, leave some comments and let me know your goals for 2014!

All the best,
Josh Escusa

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  1. very impressive earnings for the month of Feb.

  2. Nice work josh – glad to see that you’re holding the top spot. How many of your links came from your PBN versus links from other sites?

    • I have 10 sites in my PBN. All other links are from source-wave infinitum or from rank hero.

  3. Wow you really seem to be going from strength to strength with this site! I’ve been following you along, and I must admit, I wonder with each report whether you’ll “level out” like Perrin over at Niche Pursuits seems to have. But the results keep on growing!

    If you had to boil the success you’re having with this site down to the 3 biggest take-aways – what would they be? Presumably your PBN links but what about the other 2? Interested to hear your thoughts…

  4. Wow that’s awesome! How many articles do you have all together?

    • Haven’t been counting. 20? maybe.

  5. Congrats for this spectacular month! I would love to real a backlink breakdown also, how many PBN links did you use?

    • Most of the links come from PBNs. Maybe 25 are currently pointing to the site.

  6. Congratulations! this is very impressive, thanks for sharing your earnings, how do you search for domains for your PBN?


    • I run specific filters and then bid on domains that not a lot of people pay attention to. It’s actually a very complicated process that I am not yet ready to reveal because I’d rather not have people bidding against me and jacking up my prices.
      You can always use Jon Haver or Hayden Miyamotos methods. It’s harder to find really strong domains that way, but if you devote your time to it, you’re bound to score a couple. Also if you find domains using their strategy you’ll be able to snag them up for cheap.

  7. Crushing it! Keep up the good work bud.

    • Thanks Nick!

  8. What a tremendous and mouth watering increase Josh,
    Man, this indeed wonderful and I’m so happy for you. If the site continue like this then, it will soon be on the 10k/month mark.

    But apart from the contents you added, is there any other thing you did to the site last month to increase the ranking and earning?

    Kudos and, more strength to your elbows.

    • I think $10k is a little too optimistic for this keyword, haha, but if it happened then I’d be stoked!

      • Hi Josh,

        May i know if you write your own articles? or you also hired some Filipino writers? how many 500 words article they need to write in a 8 hours work (if you have full-time writers) and how much are you paying for writers per article or per month ?

        • I hire writers for content. They are not full time. I pay them as I get the content.

  9. Nice income Josh, its $400+ above your expectation …

  10. Hi, Josh Congratulations! this is very impressive earning report. At last you have posted the updated, I was waiting for it, you are doing well. I think there is some thing wrong with Tung site because it’s not in the SERP anymore. February was also a good month for me one of my niche site earned me 700+ and also some other niche sites are doing well.

    • Yeah it seems like my site was penalized…. so Josh is officially the winner of this challenge. Congrats Josh! 😀

      • Hi Tung,

        What happened? any clue? i thought you were doing the slow to sure link building style … Can you share any insights of what you think that cause the penalty ?

        • I have no idea either… I’m doing some analysis

          • Hi Tung,

            Your website has a homepage text content of
            Total words = 4,533
            Double stroller phrase = 86
            best double stroller = 35

            Did you have a 4,500+ word homepage before? with that amount of exact keywords ?

      • Hi Tung, I am sorry that your site get penalized, do you able to find out what are the reasons of the penalty. Is it negative SEO or anything else?

      • Thanks Tung. I noticed that your site underwent some changes and it looks very different now. Up until that point, I would say that your site followed a very similar path to mine, so I’m also trying to investigate the cause of that penalty. It will be a good lesson to learn for me and many others. Maybe the issue can be resolved and the site can resume it’s climb to the top.

  11. That looks quite impressive Josh 😉

  12. Congrats Josh! I hope you can share how you build your PBN and backlinks strategies. I would love to get back on my feet again in building niche websites that can help other people, and also help me become a better provider/father/husband for my family.

    Galing mo ‘tol! Keep it up

    • Basically I find for domains that have a Page Authority /Domain Authority over 35, Trustflow over 20, a non-spammy backlink profile, and no redirects. I then buy those domains in auction.

  13. Congrats Josh 😉 Impressive earning 😀

    • Thanks Lam. It was an interesting read to find your site and to see myself referenced in it :)

  14. wow. an amazing month!

    So now do you think you’ve hit the peak of this keyword?

    • The site is still growing at the moment.

  15. wow, you are crushing it with this site! Congrats :) Can’t wait to see the next income update.

  16. Great going Josh!

    Wanted to ask you some questions on using the PBNs.

    1. Do you impose a limit on how many money sites you link for each blog on the PBN? Or do you keep using it for all your money sites?

    2. Which hosts do you suggest for PBN sites? Do you recommend using those with multiple IPs (which are cheaper) or separate hosts (which will cost more)?



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