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Day 1: Researching a Market

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The first step to building a profitable niche website is to research a market. Many experts consider it to be the most important step in the process. That’s because if you do it incorrectly you could be investing your time and money only to end up with a dud.

Before continuing, read the following article:

Basics Of Keyword Research

As you have read in the article above, over 90% of people who try to build niche sites fail because they choose a bad keyword. They neglect one of the following 3 aspects: search volume, commercial value, or competition. Before you move forward, make sure you have a good understanding of this why it is important.

Using Paid Tools Vs Free Tools

Building niche sites takes an investment of both time and money. If you choose a bad keyword in the beginning, then your future costs in articles and backlinks may go to waste. To avoid this, I personally use a tool called Long Tail Pro to help me find great keywords. This tool saves me time and allows me to be more confident about the keywords I choose.

KR Method #1: Competing with Young Sites (Free Method)

Tools Used in this video:
SEO Quake (Free)
Mozbar (Free)
Keyword Planner (Free) (Free/Paid)

Now let’s examine how we can save tons of time and improve our chances of getting a good keyword with Long Tail Pro:

KR Method #2: Competing with Young Sites (Using LTP)

Tools Used in this video:
Long Tail Pro (Paid Tool) (Free/Paid)


Homework: Start your Free 10 Day Trial with Long Tail Pro

Your homework is to start your 10 day trial with long tail pro and find yourself a golden keyword.

Long tail pro has proven to be the gold standard when it comes to doing keyword research with niche sites. If you’re not using it then you’re losing out.

Click on the link below to get a free 10 Day Trial. There is no obligation to buy it after the free trial. Although I highly recommend that you do because you’ll be using it regularly.

“Click Here – Get Long Tail Pro and Find Your Keyword Now”


Lesson 2 will be sent to you in 2 days. In the mean time, complete your homework and find a good keyword…