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Day 1: Introduction to the Course

introWelcome to Day One of the Form Your Amazon Affiliate Business Course!

If you’ve come here then you may be one of the many people who have struggled online trying to find a real business model that works. I’m here to help you put some of those struggles to rest.

Over the past few months I have built a healthy income using the amazon affiliates program. This income was not built by luck. It was built using a careful science that actively works today.

That’s right! This method still works today and if for some crazy reason it stops working I’ll adjust or take down this course.

The Method Behind the Magic

Simply put, this course will teach you how to build a website and rank it at the top of the search engines for well searched terms. This will generate organic traffic to your website which will in turn lead to affiliate sales on amazon.

Personal Successes

Here’s a screenshot of just one of my websites earnings over a 30 day period:


This earnings screenshot comes from the niche site case study that I publicly built from scratch on my blog:

Ranking #1: Traffic and Earnings Report

This is just one of several sites that I have earning passive income.

Not For Everyone…

winnersLosersLet’s be clear here. This course is not for:

  • People who expect to get rich quick with no effort
  • People who need to be spoon fed every detail
  • People who are afraid to take action


There are three things that will make you successful in online marketing: Research, Taking Action, and Learning from Experience. This course is focused on compiling the research in one place and encouraging you to take action. It’s up to you to do the later. Without action, you’ll never grow and gain experience and consequently, you’ll never be able to build your business.

It’s better to make mistakes, learn, and progress than to never take the first step.

Thinking Like a Real Business

businessAll businesses require a monetary investment. Don’t be fooled by people that say otherwise.

Imagine you’re a brick and mortar business. What expenses would you have? …Purchasing products to sell, advertisements, signs, employees, rental space, etc.

Lucky for you, an amazon affiliate business will likely cost you less than 1% of what it costs to start a brick and mortar.

In this course, I focus on a method that requires the use of some paid tools. These are the tools that I use on a regular basis and they have provided me with the best results.

If you’ve already got it set in your head that you don’t want to invest a dime, then this is not the course for you.

Getting Started

Now that all of that is done Lets Get Started with Todays Lesson >>>